The Other Dresses, Pt. 2

7 Oct

Ready for round two of the dresses that didn’t make the cut?  Here we go!

This one had pretty lace applique all over – I loved the scalloped edge around the bottom (the lace in the second picture is part of that cathedral-length veil again).  The neckline was a little straighter but I like the slight dip in the middle.  I hated the corset back.  Next, please.

The light in the room was pretty bad at this place (Harold’s in New Haven, CT) but at least this gives you a sense of the dresses.  This one had lace applique almost to the bottom (once hemmed, it would be pretty much at the bottom edge for me).  Another straight neckline.

I really liked the one on the left (above) – beautiful lace, scalloped edge along the bottom, and nice skirt shape.  The one on the right was a little too sparkly for my taste.

This was a crowd favorite.  Satin with a beautiful sheet, ruching across the chest and waist, and tiny seed pearls sewn across the front for a little bit of sparkle.  We went out into the store for a few pictures in better light.

So, what do you think?  Any favorites of the gowns featured in this post?  Can’t wait to show you the dress I will be wearing tomorrow!

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    […] I know y’all have been DYING to see my dress (especially after seeing the ones [part I, part II] that didn’t make it!)  Here’s a quick glimpse to tide you over until we get more […]

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