Dressing Up the Hors D’oeuvres

25 Aug

Image Credit: How About Orange via Pinterest

My, my – only 40-something days left until the wedding!  (Who’s counting?)  As the days turn into weeks and the weeks creep up on the start of school, lessons, and choirs, we’re busily checking things off the list and finishing up our summer projects.  One of my projects was making a box of “dressed up” toothpicks for the hors d’oeuvres at the reception.   See our menu here.

Image Credit: PeachandPearl Etsy Shop

I had a lot of black paper scraps left over from cutting envelope liners (another post for another day!) so I decided to make some flagged toothpicks (inspiration: Emily’s drink stirrers above).  Here are a few of my favorite “dressed up” food pictures – I love the bandana flags for the mini burgers (Martha Stewart via Pinterest) and the pairing of the mini pies with the cameo card (Merriment Events via Pinterest)!

Here’s a little how-to guide for the paper flags I made:

Materials needed:
– paper (scraps are fine; solids, prints, etc.)
– Scotch tape or other type of adhesive
– scissors
– toothpicks (usually around $1/100)

Image Credit: Eat Drink Chic via Pinterest

1. Design.  Play around with the shape and size until you have something you like.  Maybe it’s a flag or a pennant or a circle.  I ended up with a flag that looked something like this:

2. Make a template.  I cut one out of paper and used it as a template to cut as many as I could out of my pile of scrap paper.  You could also cut one out of a heavier weight paper so it’s a little more sturdy.

3. Assemble toothpicks.  I made two tape rolls – one for the “bridge” (right across the middle, under where the toothpick will sit), and one for the outer edge.  You might find a double-sided tape roll (as used in scrapbooking) or something along those lines works better.

Here’s the end result… plus a few more, of course.

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