The Weeknight Date

15 Jul

On Tuesday, Steve surprised me with an impromptu “date” at the King Phillip Restaurant in Phillipston, MA.  I agreed without hesitation.  We’d only been once before – for take-out clam chowder and fried calamari – but we’d heard rave reviews about their lobster rolls and ice cream.  Who would say no?!

Picture a royal blue awning, black and white menu boards (the kind where “chicken” is abbreviated “chix” and “lobster” is spelled “lobzter” after they run out of the letter “s”), and a series of picnic tables with umbrellas and plastic tablecloths decorated with lobsters, crawdaddies, and corn on the cob.

We thought for a minute before stepping up to the window to order.  “We’ll have a fried scallop roll and a fried haddock roll,” Steve said.  “Alright, we’ll have that right out for you!” the girl said, pleasantly.  Within a few minutes, we heard, “Number six, your order’s ready.”  We made our way back up to the window to pick up our dinner tray.

Each roll came with a side of waffle fries and watermelon.  It was perfect sitting outside while the sun set beside us – we had the picnic tables all to ourselves!

Image credit: Hidden Boston, Addoway, Roadfood

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