Hello, Berlin

14 Jul

Hello, bright and breezy office space.  Hello, sea green cabinet.  Hello, white corner desk.  This cozy little office (as well as the rest of the 1800-square-foot apartment), located in East Berlin, was featured as yesterday’s “Green Tour” post on Apartment Therapy’s Re-Nest.

The Laux family describes their green initiatives in the article:

  • The renovation sealed the apartment, increasing its energy efficiency.
  • We try to buy our furniture at fleamarkets and local small design stores.
  • We don’t throw out old furniture, we give it a new look by painting or refinishing.
  • We use mostly green cleaning supplies and buy organic, seasonal, local food.
  • We have only one car that we don’t use a lot. We bike or walk everywhere or use public transportation.
  • We got a new thermostat to save gas for heating.
  • We reuse, reduce and recycle.

Much of their furniture was inherited, uncovered at flea markets, or “discovered” in some way.  For instance, that lovely green cabinet in the office?  Salvaged from a German poolhouse and inherited from a friend.  Imke Laux is an interior designer herself, stating she often finds inspiration “from interior design magazines, especially Scandinavian, French and Dutch ones – also from travels.  Websites like (of course) Apartment Therapy, Decor8, Chez Larsson…”  Read more on her blog: MaedchenstyleWhere do you go for interior design ideas and inspiration?

Image Credit: Celeste Sunderland

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