Cake Inspiration – Texture

11 May

Hold onto your hat!  I found lots of cakes with interesting textures!  While part of me loves the simplicity of the cakes from my last post, there’s something fun and a little whimsical about these I’m about to share with you.  Enjoy!

First up we have two “art deco” style cakes with different patterns on each tier.  Though the first example is a little more French vanilla than what we’re imagining, I like the pearls around the base of each layer and the vintage details.  In the second, I like the contrast of patterns though we’re thinking all round layers instead of the alternating hexagonal/round tiers shown here.

I LOVE the texture on both of these cakes!  For the Maggie Austin design on the left, my first thought was, “How did she make that?!”  The delicate ruffle is so chic and elegant – have you ever seen anything like it?  I also like the plain tier in between – it just balances everything so perfectly.  And did you notice the flower on top?  LOVE.  This might be my favorite so far.  As for the Martha Stewart creation on the right, doesn’t it just look soft and fluffy?!  It’s coconut, in case you were wondering.  While I’m a little afraid of having an entire cake covered in coconut (not for everyone), isn’t the texture fun?

It’s all about flower power for these next two cakes.  The petal effect is simple enough while still adding that touch of textural appeal.  The one on the left almost has an iridescent sheen to it, while the one on the right is more opaque and evenly covered from top to bottom.  I like the balanced shape of both of these – not to tall and slender or short and wide.  And again we have one cake with a topper and one cake without.  While I wouldn’t choose brown flowers, I like both options.  Guess I’m still on the fence.

Ah, the pedestal cake stand.  Isn’t it glamorous?  I love the peachy hue of this first one (with subtle flower buds – they are just the right size!)  I’m not too keen on the shape of this cake (maybe it’s the slanted sides of each tier?) but I like the subtle all-over texture.  It’s a little glitzy (see the shimmer?) without being over the top.  As for the second one, this cake makes me reconsider my affection for round tiers.  It’s so stately and traditional that at first glance I didn’t even notice the bottom three tiers are square!  I love the vintage texture on each layer, the all-white detailing, the pearl strands around the base of each layer, and the cascading ribbon top.  Who needs flowers?!

Lastly, a few more floral inspirations.  Imagine the first one in white-on-white rather than the chocolate/vanilla scheme shown.  I thought the fondant strips were an interesting texture effect (and one I hadn’t seen before).  Steve wasn’t too keen on the strips or the amount of flowers but I thought it was fairly unique.  As for the second, I liked the alternating tiers – textured, plain, textured, plain.  Not too keen on the brown ribbon but the shape of this one is really appealing (see the differing depths?)  Traditional with a twist.

Thoughts on simple elegance vs. cakes with texture?  What would you choose?

Image credits in order from left to right, top to bottom:

A. Cake by Who Made The Cake, photography by Goodlight Photography via The Knot, B. Cake by Susie’s Cakes, photography by Goodlight Photography via The Knot, C. Cake by Maggie Austin, D. Coconut cake by Martha Stewart, E. Cake by Sylvia Weinstock via Project Wedding, F. No credit given via Project Wedding, G. No credit given via Project Wedding, H. No credit given via Project Wedding, I. No credit given via Wedding by Color, J. Cake by Zoe Clark

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