Cake Inspiration: Simple Elegance

9 May

We’ve been looking at cakes this week and I’ve decided this is way more fun than picking out a dress.  Don’t get me wrong – I love my dress – but the pressure to find something within the budget made the process stressful.  Cakes on the other hand – nothing but pure, sugary goodness!  I’ve discovered too many inspiration pictures for one post, so for the prolongation of all things sweet, I decided to divide them up into several posts.  I know you’ll thank me later!

For this first batch, I looked for simple and elegant.  The two examples above have great lines that add a little bit of texture without being over the top.  I love the “hand drawn” look of the first and the rustic imitations (almost bark-like texture, don’t you think?) of the second.  Also, notice the top is plain on both of these!

The lined texture continues with these two cakes, though the second is a little more subtle.  Both have flowers on top – I love the little bits of green to offset all of the white elements.  Steve prefers flatter, wider cake layers, so I think the second is more up his alley!

Love the simplicity and elegance of both of these!  The first has a very subtle white-on-white texture offset by creamy scalloped ribbon bands around the base of each tier.  The white flowers on top tie everything together and don’t you love the moss around the base?!  I love the string of pearls around each tier in the second image… so southern!  The layers may be plain but the elaborate detail of each flower adds tons of appeal.  Though I think Steve and I prefer the pedestal cake stand, this antique silver look is very classy.

Wish I could offer more than just eye candy but doesn’t this just make your Monday a little sweeter?

Image credits in order from left to right, top to bottom:

A. Cake by Sweet Weddings, photography by Ron B. Wilson Photography via The Knot, B. Cake by Wickey’s Caterers, photography by Lime Street Studios via The Knot, C. Cake by Classic Cakes, photography by Nathaniel Edmunds Photography via The Knot, D. No credit given – via Project Wedding, E. No credit given – via Project Wedding, F. Photography by Jose Villa via Project Wedding

6 Responses to “Cake Inspiration: Simple Elegance”

  1. Linda May 9, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

    :) Ashley, you are too fun! I love the one w/the flowers on the top and the moss around the bottom. But what flavor is the cake?! :)

    • Ashley Garofalo May 10, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

      I don’t know yet! That’s a whole other post right there! Thankfully, with multiple tiers we won’t have to settle for just one flavor. :-)


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